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Photos by Peter Vrakking

The MV Communicator has had something of a checkered history since she was built and launched back in 1954.

She was given the name MV Comunicator and converted into a radio ship in late 1983 and during her life as a radio ship she has served a number of stations:

Offshore radio stations Licenced Dutch stations: RSL:
Laser 730 (Jan - Mar 1984) Holland FM (Oct 1994) The Super Station (Sep 2004 - Nov 2004)
Laser 558 (May 1984 - Nov 1985) Hitradio Holland FM (Oct 1994 - Mar 1995)  
Laser Hot Hits 576 (Dec 1986 to Apr 1987 Hitradio 1224 (Mar 1995 -Sep 1995)  
Radio Sunk (Oct 1987) Hitradio Veronica (Oct 1995 - Jan 1998)  
  Q-Radio (Jan 1998 - July 1999)  
  Q-The Beat (Sep 1999 - July 2002)  

On 19th December 2003, the MV Communicator was towed to Lowestoft where it is pictured here, looking somewhat the worse for wear.The ship left Lowestoft on 21 Aug 2004 for St Margarets Hope in the Orkney Islands where she is moored today.

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